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Characters currently active [05 Apr 2020|09:34pm]

this shit is old as h e l l and not kept updated. idk.

Strange Memphis Characters

Modern Gods Characters

Fables, Muses, Disney and Candyland Characters

Old Moralcode Characters )

Old Strangely Texas Characters )

Old Legionnaires Characters )

Old Make Believe Characters )

Old Bemarveled Characters )

Never used Quell Characters )

Old Homosuperiors' Characters )

Old Modern Gods' Characters )

Old Davey Jones' Characters )

Old Marvel University Characters )

other journal idek )

Old Doorway's, Panfandom RPG )

Old AF HP Rpg )
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[24 Aug 2014|12:19am]
I started an icon journal, using [info]monstrumologist for it. It's mostly marvel comic icons and some gif icon sets. HOWEVER, the gif icons are too big to use on IJ unless posted directly in a post, not used as icons should be used on ij. The reason is that those are meant for tumblr rp. You can knock down the file size yourself if you want, idc, but there are too many for me to do that.

Besides my main mode of rp is tumblr so tbh while all icons will be 100x100 the file sizes will remain true to tumblr standards.
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[17 Aug 2014|03:35pm]
who wants to bring matt murdock into doorways?

that'd be MEEEEE

but yes

i put a hiatus note on there but tbh IDK IF I'LL NEED IT?? Rn i don't i did it early to be safe bc idk how busy back to school will continue to be. hmm
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[09 Aug 2014|12:34pm]
if u think i'm reading nova from the first issues on through the last volume before sam alexander

then u would be absolutely right

richard rider, u punk, breaking a fuckin window and flyin off like that aint my problem

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[08 Aug 2014|06:11pm]
on a thor thing

yo! )
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[02 Aug 2014|10:08am]
the downfall of being in a game that moves so quickly is keeping up. on tumblr someone can tag you in things you need to see so it's easy to read your tag. not on IJ and I'm already struggling and it sucks because I don't want to comment on stuff that already has 100 plus comments??? i feel like it's too late?

:| maybe this was a bad idea

nAY I WILL MAKE IT WORK ugh i love dw too much to give up this early. plus i love playing thor too much tbh.

my matt murdock muse is hELLA STRONG RIGHT NOW TOO GUYS NOOO
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[31 Jul 2014|03:21pm]
fuck off i have been so busy and back to school doesnt even technically start until the 25th

who wants to thread with thor? bueller? bueller?
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[24 Jul 2014|03:41pm]
god avengers world nine AVENGERS WORLD NINE
so so so so so good. fuck off roberto and sam are such an epic bff team

ok i need to do stuff with thor but ugh sO LAZY and a little bid of a scaredy cat lol omg what is wrong with me

prolly just gonna do an open but i likely need to thread with loki, 616 tony, DEF JANE. JESS U HEAR THAT COME 2 ME LETS PLOT

might not do adam after all, not yet anyway.


klsfjlasfs that is all
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[19 Jul 2014|10:12am]
oh my god, so on my indie darcy lewis blog the coolest effing thread eVER IS HAPPENING.

omg )
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[17 Jul 2014|04:12pm]
i hate it. i hate it so much. doorways is the most addicting panfandom ij game in history. literally only a DAY in and i'm like "wowowow i should bring back jamie"

it doesn't help that i have recently read all of x-factor. might re-read it tbh but still. n o

** now i'm holding adam from only lovers left alive. lord jesus take the wii
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[17 Jul 2014|10:41am]
okay i officially hate how fucking twisted up the current 616 timeline is

because I couldn't quite decide when thor's godbomb arc concluded, because while that was not only inclusive of three different timelines/thors, it also was a REALLY LONG time?? and i figure in issue twelve when he returned it was from that, and that had to be AFTER the builders shit

but before loki's stuff


so now im wondering if I should go that direction and i just gfklgjdg

marvel WHY??

and i'm also not doing to the overabundance of thy/thou/thee bc imo the dialogue and recent comics has strayed from too much of that and is a still formal without being overwhelmingly shakespeare'd you feel me?

IDK i'm gonna be on constant paranoia about whether or not i'm doing him right until i get more settled.
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[16 Jul 2014|11:45pm]
ahhhh i missed doorways so much

and I'm really hoping my thor dialogue is working out bc I've had my thor tumblr blog for almost a full year now and it's like damn, i've had enough practice, right??

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[15 Jul 2014|06:20pm]
I might do the thing.

IDK that I should do this thing but I have been reading so so so so much and think I could do the thing.

blegh someone tell me what to doooo

I did the thing :)
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[10 Jul 2014|12:26am]
omg thor: the mighty avenger is the best and my FAVE version of thor atm. like I love MCU but I think based on purely what is known from canon stuff, mighty avenger thor is just fduhgklfhjkglfh

i secretly want to app this version of him somewhere

anyway I made a couple master posts of comic icons.

One for Thor, one for Loki AoA, and one for Black Widow!
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[06 Jul 2014|05:35pm]
Wow okay after reading all of JiM, Son of Asgard, Marvel Fanfare, Thor: First Thunder, Thor 126-143 and now Mighty Thor vol 2 1-23..

I have an opinion that has been sort of becoming more and more solid the more I read and it's totally about the MCU Thor vs. 616.

welp )
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[29 Jun 2014|04:32pm]
Sooooo I am coming to a month where I owe both my car registration AND inspection on top of all my other bills and it’s just a bit much so I am trying to supplement my income!

That said I am still making/selling marvel comic book jewelry.

dog tags, pendants, keychains, and comic cuffs! )
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[26 Jun 2014|04:19pm]
Thor liveblogging: Thor: Son of Asgard, Marvel Fanfare 37, Thor Annual #5, #1, and #8, and Thor: First Thunder.

I say thee nay! )
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[22 Jun 2014|07:08pm]
I am about to endeavor on a journey.

A journey through the mystery if you will


ANYWAY I'm about to basically read all the fucking thor comics (what ifs, mini series, everything) for 616 and as I do I will liveblog it here and on my independent mcu thor tumblr rp blog.

Follow along as I try to make sense of this character in an effort to really write a bad ass, well rounded thor whether it be 616 or MCU.
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[20 Jun 2014|03:00pm]
hello friends.

apparently I keep forgetting I have this.

also just got on AIM bc i keep forgetting I have that lol. I CAN'T RECALL PPLS SCREEN NAMES TBH SO IF U SEE ME ON PLS SAY "HI THIS IS SO AND SO" BC IM AN IDIOT

Under the cuts:

I'm selling marvel comic dog tags suuuuper cheap, custom made! )

Rp shit )

real talk bout that 616 )
icons?? )
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[29 Apr 2014|12:18pm]
it's just

female matt murdock or matilda murdock as

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